Rochester, NY, January 16, 2019 – On December 31st, 2018 Right Lane Industries acquired the specialty textiles and extruded plastics division of Schlegel Systems Inc., and renamed the new stand-alone company Rochester Specialty Products LLC (“RSP”). As a new permanent subsidiary of Right Lane Industries, RSP will continue to develop and manufacture innovative textile and plastic products from our long-tenured facility in Rochester, NY. In conjunction with the acquisition, Right Lane has retained RSP’s existing management, operations, and engineering teams, to support anticipated growth.

Originally founded in the 1880’s, Rochester Specialty Products is a leader in the engineering and production of woven textiles and extruded plastic products for applications in the automotive, aerospace, office equipment, transportation, heavy industrial and other end markets. The company manufactures its products through proprietary processes out of a 104,000 square foot facility located in Rochester, NY.

The team at RSP is excited to utilize Right Lane’s centralized corporate services, capital, and growth orientation to deepen partnerships with customers, and ensure their success long into the future. “Rochester Specialty Products has a skilled team, unique production capabilities, and a brand name with exceptional heritage. We are excited to support RSP with the capital and resources it needs to expand product offerings, increase production capacity, and build long-term partnerships with world-wide customers,” said Right Lane CEO Eric Mara.

For further information or to discuss sales inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Rochester Specialty Products:       
Christina Patchett
Sales Account Manager

Right Lane Industries:
Woody Cissel
VP of Corporate Development

Right Lane Industries is an industrial holding company that acquires manufacturing and industrial services businesses for a permanent holding period. As a result of this permanent horizon, Right Lane businesses are able to make decisions for the long-term, resulting in collaborative customer  relationships, experienced teams, and high-quality products and services. Right Lane’s existing businesses include: FENN, Pacific Press Technologies, Multipress, AB Stretch and Rochester Specialty Products. For more information please visit