Exhaust Hanger Bands

Rochester SP exhaust hanger bands have brought a new and exciting component to the traditional molded exhaust hanger. The Rochester SP exhaust hanger band insert is a 100 percent polyester, spiral wound product that is easily molded into your exhaust hanger that gives superior performance in minimizing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in many of today’s higher performance exhaust systems.

The unique construction provides a high degree of strength while permitting flexibility in every direction that exhaust components can (and do) move. Unlike rigid steel bands, there is no stress failure when the rubber and steel delaminate.

exhaust hanger bands
exhaust hanger bands

Rochester Specialty Products has been well known as preferred manufacturing partner for many Tier One and OEM automotive industry customers for decades. Rochester SP’s high quality filament polyester band continues to support the system under the harshest environmental conditions. With our integration of the latest technology, along side our skilled craftsmanship allows us to produce the best products available on the market today.

Call for more information or for design assistance to make your next OEM proposal reflect the innovation and superior performance of a Rochester SP exhaust hanger band.